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Christopher Vidal 
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Christopher Vidal is a landscape artist born in Malta and living in Sydney, Australia. As from childhood, Chris developed an interest in drawing and for two years attended art classes to develop skills in pencil drawing and watercolour. Although he attended art classes at a very young age, his painting technique in oils and acrylics is self-taught and was developed by a process of trial and error and observation.

Chris paints different subject matters but his specialisation is landscape painting in acrylic and oils. After moving to Australia he travelled extensively all around the country and so his current works are inspired by the beauty of nature and of this country. His inspirations come from the beauty and tranquillity of nature far away from any human activity. He is inspired by the various wild habitats from the temperate and sub-tropical/tropical  rainforests, the pristine beaches and outback. With his paintings he wants to present all that is around in a realistic way while delivering a positive message of life.

What Chris says about his art?

"When I started painting I started observing and appreciating more what is all around me, even the simplest things that are taken fore-granted in everyday life. Unfortunately people living in cities lost their interaction with nature and so with my artwork in their homes I would like that they feel the presence of nature. What inspires my art are the beautiful and dramatic colours created when light at sunrise or sunset hits mountains, trees, oceans or clouds. I am inspired by the sounds of the singing birds at sunrise and the sounds of the waves and winds on the ocean. Most of my paintings represents places where I've been to and where there was that something special, of not simply seeing a beach or forest but of a more intense feeling. So I hope that with my artwork I share these feelings and experiences with other people."

For his paintings, Chris uses high quality products and artist grade colours on both small and large scale canvases, stretched by him.  He is a member of the Parramatta Art Society and regularly participates in local art exhibitions. His work of art is found in private collections in Malta, UK and Australia.

For more information on how to purchase or commission Chris’ work please call 0451140695 or contact via email

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