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Indoor and outdoor marble, bronze and steel sculptures for sale and on commission.


Graham Radcliffe, Brisbane born in 1934, has been a professional sculptor for over 20 years.


Living in Italy for some years he was able to source a range of unusual marble and onyx.  


Italy is the stone market of the world with over 200 stone merchants from Carrara to Pietrasanta.  There, Graham sources his materials, ranging from marble, onyx, alabaster and calcite from all around the world during his annual working trips.  


Blending his distinctive style with these exotic stones Graham has build up a large collection of interesting sculptures


Sourcing the Material

On one of the recent trips to Italy, Graham purchased a 750 kg block of “azur cielo”, sky blue marble from a newly opened quarry in Argentina.


This and other rare stone is to be found at the annual Carrara Trade Fair, which is the venue for all new stone products and machinery. 


It is necessary to buy these interesting finds even though no specific design exists for them at the time of purchase.  They wait in his yard for the time when inspiration and choice of material coincide.


These semiprecious stones and marbles add a distinctive vitality to Graham’s work, which makes them all the more unique and desirable.



Graham’s largest sculpture at this stage is “Phoenix Germania”, commemorating the fall of the German Wall in 1989.  It is 4m high carved from a 26 tonne block of Travertine Romano, which was quarried to his requirements in Rome.


Graham has done public commissions such as “Spirit of Whitehorse”, a 2.7m high white stallion carved out of a 24 tonne block of Italian white marble for Whitehorse City Council in Melbourne, and “Wetlands” a winged white marble sculpture for Caboolture, Qld, which was also copied as a bronze.


Another commission “Transient Spirit” went to the Southport School on the Gold Coast, 3.2m high in Bianco Carrara marble.


Large commissions are carved in Italy and shipped directly to the site.


Graham has also executed several private commissions in Australia and overseas, but he much prefers to work freely and create whatever wants to be expressed at the time, without restriction and direction.  Thus he has created a large collection at his Sculpture Garden and Gallery where indoor and outdoor pieces of all sizes, colours and shapes are to be found.


Pin and Bush mounting

Security and ease of movement are both served by this method of mounting the sculptures.


One of the feature pieces in the Garden is “The Winged Messenger of Love”, a 3.2m high sculpture on a black Iranian granite base.  While it is carved from a 4 tonne block of Turkish white marble, it can rotate with ease by virtue of its pin and bush mounting, which is a feature of most of Graham’s pieces.



A recurring theme in Graham’s work is “Woman”. Woman in her essence of purity and beauty. Woman is found often in his sculptures in various degrees of abstraction.


Over the recent years Graham has been working on a theme of Shell and Woman with pieces such as Eve-olution, She-Shell, New Shell, Black Odyssey and Pacific Princess. 


The largest of the group, “She-Shell” stands 1.6m tall in a shell shaped base.  She is waiting for her placement near a waterfall/water feature or pool.


“The Australian Series” is a group of 10 major sculptures, which were created over a period of 7 years. They all depict some aspect or characteristic of this continent, with names such as Spirit of Australia, Desert Wind, Guardian of the Forest, Corroborree, Kakadu, Southern Aurora, Kalgoorlie and others.


The series is on display in the artist’s home and is only for sale as a whole.  It has to stay together as a strong statement of love and appreciation for this beautiful land.



Marble being a natural material, is as old as this planet and will endure for many thousands of years to come.


This permanence contributes to the reasons why Graham chooses this material for his sculpture. 


Stone is forever while manmade materials are transient.


Graham’s works have found homes in Switzerland, Germany and most states of Australia.


Water features and Monuments

There are so many concepts from water features to monuments waiting to be realised, but time and finances prohibit their realisation, so they wait patiently in Graham’s sketchbooks for the right patron to arrive.  



Margit, Graham’s wife, is the business representative for Graham’s work.

Please feel free to contact her with your enquiry, she can send you images of sculptures that might meet your requirements.


They can be delivered worldwide.   



ON BEING A SCULPTOR. By Graham Radcliffe

Every journey requires some decisions along the way. For better or worse we are where we are.


You must travel with passion. Work with passion towards the new experience opening up in front of you.


When you pick up a new piece of marble, the world disappears.  The waste fairly jumps off the block if your vision is clear.  Every scrap of your energy is expended in finding the form in your mind, transposed into the marble before you.


If I know nothing else, I know that creating is an act of love.


If you do not love what you are creating, it will fail.  I know it.  Do not start if you are not going to give it 100% of your very being.


If it is right, your soul will tell you so.

Not your mind.

Not your best friend.

Not some audience.

Not some ‘critic.’


This is between you and God.


When it is done, you can ask God if that is what He had in mind.

In short, always go for your highest vibration.  Don’t settle for less.


Home is where the heart is they say.  I confess that mine keeps wandering back to the Alpi Apuane in Italy.

I trust that God will let me die there with a hammer and chisel in my hands.


Hopefully, there is time for a few more pieces……………


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