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The work’s foundation is based on Ms Serafini’s extensive career as an international management consultant specialising in change management and communication in the field of corporate mergers and acquisitions. It also stems from her entrepreneurship in creating Lithos Therapy, the world’s highest quality ‘stone massage’. Lithos Therapy is now available in thousands of health spas and beauty salons all over our globe and is distributed through partnerships in the Middle East, India, Asia and Australia. With a degree in Commerce from Bond University and diplomas in training & development, sports therapy and physiological personal training, Kim combines her knowledge, talents and experiences in a down-to-earth way to inspire and empower her readers, listeners, viewers and participants. She is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Facilitators, a member of both the International Positive Psychology Association and the Australian Institute of Management. As an Australian who grew up in Papua New Guinea and has worked and lived in the United Kingdom and North America, Ms Serafini’s delivery style speaks to the universal needs we all have to live passionate lives of purpose and experience fulfilment from doing what is meaningful, positive and long-lasting for our minds, bodies, organisations and communities. Part of Ms Serafini’s current focus and passion is on creating new books in the series of i am gr8ful, with i am gr8ful for health & wellbeing, plus i am gr8ful for happiness due out in early 2009. i am gr8ful for sleep in also due out in 2009. Those books are being co-created with experts in their fields and the design continues to evolve through Mel Bennett’s contribution. Another huge part of Ms Serafini’s business life involves travelling around Australia, the USA and Asia presenting a unique workshop called: The Psychological and Physiological Benefits of Positive Emotions – the strategies for how to experience what’s gr8 in a more intensive and consistent way. This workshop is usually the follow-up for another highly successful workshop called: All I want for Christmas is Happiness: using the Science of Happiness and Positive Psychology. Participants come away with the answers to experiencing peace and feeling joy. It’s based on the work Ms Serafini is doing with Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason, and a few of the current world leaders in positive psychology. The workshop’s foundation is change management theory & practises. It covers the theories of quantum physics, the law of attraction and the law of gratitude. Importantly, participants go through the process of creating “Gratitude Boards” which are much more important than “Vision Boards”. Ultimately it’s all about understanding The “i am gr8ful” 8 Step Process for creating or manifesting whatever your heart desires in an effortless and enjoyable way so that you and others get what you want in a powerful & positive way and you feel like the outcome is meaningful and long lasting. It’s TREMENDOUS, practical and inspiring. The content is RICH and effortlessly accessible revealing messages that are both profound and simple. The style is easy. There are real life stories and a delightful presentation of the latest scientific research about real & lasting happiness and improving performance. A full two-day workshop can be broken down into a session or summary of 2-3 hours or a keynote address on the Law of Gratitude in 45 minutes. Either way it will provide you with ALL you need to get started on being happy no matter when or what, and in the process you will come to understand WHY it is our responsibility to raise our mental, physical, social and environmental wellbeing and thus, raise our happiness level and how the benefits transform your life. 
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