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Len McKenna 
58 Prideaux Rd,
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 Len McKenna

From an early age I experienced some of the most remote wilderness areas of Western Australia. These memories have directly contributed to my love of the landscape and of nature, and my need to express these feelings through my art work. As an adult I have lived in the Pilbara, in the far north and now live on the southernmost tip of the south coast. I have travelled widely throughout the country and am constantly amazed by the beauty and diversity of the landscape.



Art has always been a major part of my life. I began modelling animals in clay at age 7. My work has been an attempt to explain my feelings and experiences and to perhaps give an insight into that deeper connection we have with our surroundings. My inspiration comes from the dry, cracked, orange land of the north and inland and from the rugged coast lines of the south. Since moving to the South Coast, I have been amazed by the stunning white beaches, the brilliant turquoise and blue waters and the jagged cliff faces. Much of the work incorporates symbols such as boats, fish and beach houses. As well as the landscape I am interested in the human emotions and often explore the way in which we interact with our surroundings. My clay figures are a comical representations, but with gestures and facial expressions I try to capture the emotions experienced by us all.

I am always looking for new ideas, new materials and

new ways of using these materials. As well as glazes, the sculptural work is coloured with stains, inks and often finished with Bee's wax. I combine timber sections with the clay and often have hanging objects tied to the pieces.

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