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Marcylittleninja, I'm a self taught artist from Melbourne, Australia.
I grew up drawing from my love of animals then I moved onto Manga style drawings. I've studied art for a couple of years. Done some graphic art for the local youth magazine and I've done a fair bit of paid commissions of drawing from photos to a cartoon/Anime/Manga/Japanese influenced style of art.

I haver a small fear of moving to fast on decisions probably because I'm scared of being pushed down. I've fallen a couple of times but all artists have their falls. I always get back up and become stronger. Sometimes I can be on the edge of giving up on art completely but then I always come abck.

I love drawing and plan to make a career out of it in the future by slowly working my way up and getting well known. I want to study Manga at Kyoto Seika University once I've become more fluent in Japanese and improve my art alittle more. I'm probably more scared to think about a world with no art in my own life more than I am worried I'll gibe up completely... Oh wow... that doesn't really make sense ahahaha!!!

Yone Kazuki (She did the art for Hakuoki and Hiiro) is my biggest inspiration.
I really look up to her and hope to one day be able to draw like her but in my own way. :)

I also have some Art friend's from all over the world and not just in Australia who inspire me to keep going~ I really look up to them the most because they keep me motivated by sharing their own art with me. I hope to Collab with all of them in the future. ♥


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~ ♥"Nanakorobi yaoki"♥ ~ Fall Seven Times And Stand Up Eight ♥ ~ When Life Knocks You Down, Stand Back Up ♥ ~ Keep Trying And Never Give Up! ♥ ~ 

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