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Australian artist Patsy Foard has held 26 one-woman exhibitions around the world. 

These places include Italy, London, New York, Honolulu and Canberra


She has also lived and painted in England, Italy, Iceland, Spain and for 12 years in Hawaii


Many of her paintings, while strongly textured include semi-abstract collages based on sea and mountain forms and at other stages depict still life painted more flatly with acrylics. 


She now lives at Labrador on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia


She accepts commissions and also creates gift cards from abstract printmaking from work done at the University of Hawaii


She has won many awards and published an autobiography called " Rabbit Blue - Autobiography of a Painter ".


Australian artist Patsy Foard uses a series of mediums in her creative work.


These include ACRYLIC, PENCIL, INK, PHOTOGRAPHY and many types of textured materials such as bark and P.V.A. to make collages.


Apart from her 26 one-woman exhibitions she has exhibited in many group shows and been awarded many prizes.


Her educational background included 4 years as an art student at Art School at R.M.I.T. Melbourne, 3 years Fine Arts degree & 3 years studying Comparative Religion at the University of Hawaii and at the Academy in Florence, Italy where she lived for 2 years.


Later she was a lecturer at various Art Schools, teaching Painting, Life drawing, Colour & Design in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.


Patsy has also been a Director of several galleries in Melbourne.


Many of the paintings in Italy were based on the beautiful undulating hills around Florence.


The art world there was greatly stimulated by expatriate artists from all countries.


Living there Patsy befriended an Icelandic painter and later she visited him in Reykjavik, Iceland and painted there for 6 months.


The marvellous mountainous peaks and ice formations and the colour of the blues & turquoises have continued to stimulate her imagination when teaching colour was one of her specialized subjects.


However both England and Iceland were too cold for any permanent stay so before returning to Australia Patsy spent 6 months in Torremolinos painting on the South Coast of Spain which was her favourite country.


The art communities of Melbourne & Sydney were thriving.


The galleries and opening nights well attended, Abstract Expressionism (non-figurative) art was very much in vogue.


Eventually Patsy was accepted by the University of Hawaii to do a Master of fine Arts degree.


She had her own studio and greatly stimulated by the sunny climate and intense colours.

She also had access to the Printmaking Department and created many works there using intentionally abstract accidental effects.


Back in Australia in 1993, her home town of Melbourne seemed bleak after Hawaii so she moved the Gold Coast, Queensland where she has been living for nearly 16 years.


For the first few years she studied photography in Brisbane later winning various awards in that medium.


The early ones were black & white, then coloured images, then combining colour photography with paint.


This cut out geometrically abstract shapes and patterns in photography plus added lighting effects which add an atmospheric result and give an aura of mystery which particularly pleased her.


Patsy also used this combination of mediums in the creating of miniatures which she exhibited with various Miniatures Societies around Australia.

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